usan Harman-Scott has practiced North Carolina family law for thirty years, and her experience encompasses the vast range of issues in this field. She is expert in all methods of advocating for clients. Her goal is to avoid and to expeditiously solve problems in a cost-effective manner considering the complexity of family dynamics and the assets and liabilities involved.


This firm represents clients in cases involving minor children, including custody, adoption, termination of parental rights, grandparent and third-party custody, special needs, child abuse and neglect, child support and all other legal issues relating to minors.


Property division and support in North Carolina […]

Family Law Services

Elder law is the area of law concerning the legal implications of the aging process.  It overlaps somewhat with estate planning, family law, and disability law, but includes additional issues involving guardianship, crisis situations, elder exploitation and abuse, planning for nursing home and assisted living care, and in-home care.  Oftentimes, clients need advice regarding benefits and asset protection, including Medicaid planning, Medicare issues, insurance issues, and Veterans Administration questions.  Each family dynamic is different and this firm endeavors to provide a range of solutions to the issues the family is facing.  Our firm has a strong background in family law, property law, and litigation in addition to property and estate planning.  This multi-disciplinary approach enables us to provide comprehensive and global solutions to problems involving several family generations.

Elder Law Services

Planning one’s estate is important to ensure assets are distributed to loved ones as intended, and that all personal and financial affairs are in order. Our firm provides expert guidance for both simple and complex estate plans, and for making all arrangements needed to meet the goals of the client […]

Estate Planning

Our firm engages in a broad range of general civil litigation, including defendant and plaintiff work in land title issues, partitioning proceedings, foreclosures, contract and construction disputes, landlord and tenant conflicts, collections and personal injury. This includes mediation, arbitration and litigation.

General Litigation

Estate administration is the distribution of a decedent’s property and payment of his or her debts, according to his or her will, or according to the intestate succession laws of North Carolina. Estate administration is under the jurisdiction of the Clerk of Superior Court in the county in which the decedent lived. The administration is carried out by the personal representative of the decedent, whether the decedent appointed in his or her will, or by one appointed by the Clerk if the decedent did not make a will.

Estate Administration

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