Barbara Conway





Barbara Conway is a North Carolina Certified Paralegal and our firm’s estate administration paralegal. She has worked as a legal assistant/certified paralegal since 1981. She has many years of experience and is familiar with court personnel and the individual procedures of the clerk’s office. Barbara not only understands the procedures for working with the clerks and courts, but has lifelong experience and a love for working with our clients. She particularly understands the devastation that loved ones who are left behind after a death feels. She has an understanding and affinity for the problems faced by families dealing with the loss of a loved one and is dedicated to relieving the surviving family members of the burden of dealing with estate administration issues. She is a voice of kindness and understanding you will hear from as we guide you through the probate process. She is dedicated to helping our clients through the difficult process of managing the procedures that must be dealt with when a family member passes away. In addition to estate administration and estate planning experience, Barbara also has experience in personal injury, social services, domestic and general litigation.

Originally from New York, she and her family relocated to North Carolina in 1994. She and her husband, George, of 38 years are the proud parents of two sons, Christopher and Matthew, who played extensive sports through high school, both having graduated from North Carolina State University – College of Management. They recently became grandparents and enjoy spending as much time as they can with Felicity and family along with boating and summer activities.

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