General Civil Litigation

General civil litigation is the term used to describe disputes that involve the filing of a lawsuit in civil court. Examples include suits filed to recover damages resulting from a car accident, to collect or defend actions for money owed, disputes about land ownership, and contract disputes. Our general litigation practice includes filing lawsuits and negotiating issues including car accidents, wrongful death, and other personal injury matters, partitioning proceedings, landlord and tenant cases, collections and most other matters before the court.

We investigate the measure of damages, the likelihood of recovery and identification of liable parties. We investigate each matter to establish negligence or breach of contract and the likelihood of recovery or viability of a defense. Our firm negotiates with insurance companies, represents clients at mediation and works to ensure our clients receive the best settlement possible for their case.


As a certified mediator, Ms. Harman-Scott has the knowledge and negotiating skills to represent clients in mediated settlements as well as matters that require filing suit. Using the most efficient and effective procedures in every case can make a big difference in time, cost and outcome. We have the comprehensive knowledge of general civil litigation and the experience to properly evaluate and resolve disputes successfully.



The “This Is The Law” pamphlet series was prepared as a public service by the North Carolina Bar Association’s Communications Committee and is not intended to be a comprehensive statement of the law. North Carolina laws change frequently and could affect the information in these pamphlets. If you have specific questions with regard to any matters contained in these pamphlets feel free to contact us.

What to Do In Case of an Auto Accident

The purpose of this pamphlet is to provide reminders regarding the responsibility each of us has in the event of injury or other personal hardship resulting from a motor vehicle crash, and to enable all motorists to carry out their legal responsibilities and protect their legal rights.(©1983 N.C. Bar Association, Revised 2011, Reviewed 2014)

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Landlords and Tenants

Landlords and tenants are free to bargain about many terms of rental agreements, and those who rent houses, apartments or mobile homes should feel free to seek changes in terms or conditions which they feel are not in their best interest before signing any rental agreement. (©1983 N.C. Bar Association, Revised 2013, Reviewed 2014)

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