Melissa (Missy) Balestra





Melissa “Missy” Balestra is our firm’s estate administration paralegal.  She has many years of estate administration experience in both Virginia and North Carolina, and is familiar with the court personnel and individual procedures of the clerks’ offices in each county.  Missy not only understands the procedures for working with the clerks and courts, but has lifelong experience and a love for working with older clients.  She particularly understands the devastation that loved ones who are left behind after a death feels.  She is dedicated to helping our clients through the difficult process of managing the procedures that must be dealt with when a family member passes away.

Missy understands clients who have no family, and no trusted friends or advisors. She understands that some people never get married or have children and that they have watched everyone in their family pass on. She is committed to assisting our clients every step of the way through the process.

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