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Areas of Practice

Family Law

Susan Harman-Scott is experienced in guiding her clients through a dissolution of marriage with sound advice and empathy. A great deal of misinformation about marital issues exists, the laws are complex and confusing, and every marital dissolution is different. This means that advice from out-of-state attorneys, family and friends, and the internet is probably inappropriate and will complicate the situation. Working with an experienced attorney ensures that the client receives accurate information and is fully aware of the laws and probable outcomes.

Elder Law

Seniors and their families face complicated issues that arise as a result of aging, illness, or disability. These problems can be financially and emotionally overwhelming; however, proper planning can be of great assistance in managing many issues.  Unfortunately, in some cases, legal proceedings, such as guardianships, must be initiated when planning is lacking or inadequate. This firm has many years of experience in planning as well as with the court actions that must be initiated when planning fails.

Estate Planning

Establishing an estate plan is important because without proper authority and direction, family members may be forced to make difficult decisions because legal, medical, or financial issues were not anticipated.  This firm has a great deal of experience drafting the instruments that the client needs to ensure his or her assets are administered according to an appropriate, understandable plan. In addition, the client can be certain that his or her family and medical care providers are informed as to what medical care decisions should be made if the client is unable to communicate.

General Civil Litigation

Civil lawsuits are filed in order that parties may have a judge adjudicate their dispute.  Common examples include suits filed to collect or defend a claim for money owed, evicting a nonpaying tenant, to recover damages resulting from a car accident, land title actions, and contract disputes. Our general litigation practice includes negotiating, mediating, and litigating civil issues including car accidents, wrongful death, and other personal injury matters, partitioning proceedings, landlord and tenant cases, collections, and most other matters before the court.

Estate Administration

Administering the estate of a loved one can be overwhelming and complicated. An estate administration attorney can be very helpful in preparing and filing court forms and executing the many financial transactions that are required to settle an estate. Susan Harman-Scott and her staff are experts in expeditiously administering testate and intestate estates in any North Carolina county.

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