Stephanie Harkness-Moxley

Litigation Assistant



Stephanie is dedicated to assisting clients through the difficult process of being a party to a lawsuit.  She has extensive experience in both the plaintiff and defendant sides of legal conflict and is able to provide assurance to every client regarding what to expect next in his or her case and the vexing issues that arise during the course of a lawsuit.  Stephanie has worked as a paralegal in construction defect, civil litigation, personal injury, class action suits and family law litigation. Originally from New York, she is from a Navy family, and has lived in the Eastern US from Maine to Florida. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations from The Ohio State University and she completed her paralegal certification at Technical College of the Low country in South Carolina. Stephanie is the proud mother of Jenna, and they both can be found most weekends out with their Labrador retriever, Kerwin, attending Jenna’s many soccer and tennis events. All three also love going to the beach, and enjoying everything Dare County has to offer.

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